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Twigmo Fingerprint checkout

Nowadays smartphones support fingerprint recognition, so to add a Feature for checkout in Twigmo could be very successful. It should work like this and be only available for customers who order a 2d time. 1. At checkout page you can now checkout as A guest B registered user C fingerprint checkout (when you linked your fingerprint to your profile How link fingerprint to your profile? When a customer has placed the order, it doesnt matter if he is registered or not, he should get an option to link his just filled in profile to his fingerprint and THAT's it. Next time the customer would only need to use his fingerprint instead of filling emailaddress or password or the required checkout fields. Payment of the order stays seperated, it is just fingerprint for filling in the profile and shipping/billing address automatically. SO TWIGMO USERS. WANT A BOOST IN CONVERSION? JUST VOTE ON THIS FEATURE! Thanks

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