1. In the CS-Cart administration panel, go to Add-ons -> Manage Add-ons (Administration -> Add-ons in the earlier CS-Cart versions). Click the Install button next to Twigmo.

    Twigmo in the Add-ons list

    You should see a notification confirming that the add-on is installed.

  2. On the same page, click on the Twigmo link to open the Twigmo add-on settings page.

    Fill in the form to connect your store to Twigmo service:

    • Enter your email (it needs to be valid since you will be required to verify it) and set up a password;
    • Select the stores you want to connect to Twigmo service;
    • Read and accept the Terms and Conditions;
    • Click Connect

      Twigmo connect page

      You should see notifications confirming that your store(s) is connected to Twigmo service and its subscription status.

      Now the mobile version of your online store is enabled with the default settings (you can see it if you visit your store on an iOS or Android device). Once you are taken to the add-on list page, open the Twigmo add-on page again to change your mobile site settings.