1. Install the Twigmo extension through the Magento Connect Manager of your store. You can use the “http://connect20.magentocommerce.com/community/Simtech_Twigmo” key to install it.

  2. In the admin panel, go to the Mobile by Twigmo page (the link is in the header).

  3. On this page, enter your email and a password for creating your own Twigmo account.

  4. Read and accept the Twigmo terms and conditions.

  5. In the table below, select stores you want to connect to the Twigmo service and click the Connect button. As a result the selected stores will be connected and the Twigmo mobile site will be enabled for them.


  6. You can configure the connected stores. It is recommended to upload a logo, favicon and banners for the mobile version of your store.


  7. Click the Visual Editor button, to modify the look-n-feel of your new mobile site.

Please contact us if you need any help with installing and configuring the Twigmo extension.