NOTE: This article is applicable only to Twigmo 2.3 and above (what is my Twigmo version?) that are included in CS-Cart/Multi-Vendor 3.0.3 - 4.x by default. For earlier Twigmo versions, read this article.

Twigmo 2.3 and above has the built-in auto-upgrade feature.

If an upgrade is available for your Twigmo 2.3+ add-on, you will see a notification in your CS-Cart admin panel:

  1. Click on the link in the notification OR go to Add-ons -> Manage Add-ons (Administration -> Add-ons in CS-Cart 3), click on the Twigmo add-on link to open its settings page and open the Upgrade tab.

  2. Click the Upgrade button to begin the add-on upgrade that is fully automatic and takes several seconds.

    If you see a notification that there are not enough permissions to overwrite some CS-Cart files, go to Settings -> Upgrade Center, fill in your FTP connection information and re-run the add-on upgrade.

  3. After the upgrade is finished, you will be taken to the Twigmo add-on settings page. Check that all settings look the same as before the upgrade.

    In some cases, after the upgrade you may be required to connect your Twigmo add-on to Twigmo service once again.