The following solution is only for CS-Cart 4.3.x users who upgraded their CS-Cart from version 4.2 or earlier. These users may have the following bugs:

  • Login feature does not work in Twigmo, both front-end and admin app
  • HTTPS does not work in the mobile front-end
  • Automatic upgrade of the Twigmo add-on does not work

If you are have the Twigmo add-on version 3.7 or earlier, it is necessary to upgrade it manually.

If you are have the Twigmo add-on version 3.8, it is necessary to apply a patch. To do this, please take the following steps:

  • Download the file attached to this article to your local computer
  • Unpack this file directly on your server (in the CS-Cart root directory) or unpack it locally and then upload the directories and files to your server by FTP, overriding the existing files

If you need any help with updating the Twigmo add-on, please contact us at .