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Shopping Cart issue with multi. app only.

I do mainly wholesale on my website and app, this means adding a lot of items to your cart. On both android and apple, if you add 25-30 items it will not let you scroll down to see everything in your cart or complete your order,. Your only options are exit the cart and or delete items I hope this is an easy fix, but if you need more info please let me know Thank you!


We are sorry to hear that you faced the issue. Could you send us any screen shots illustrating the issue? We have checked the case in our test store and failed to reproduce the issue. Please check the screen shots attached.

We look forward to your reply.

Thank you.

I would send you over screen shots, but you would not see the issue.. when you enter the into the cart with 30 or so items, its remains some what frozen where you can not scroll down.   on google play app or apple app only. Mobile site and desktop work fine

to recreate this issue down load my app, just search green tree jewelry,



Our engineers are examining this issue. We will reply in this post as soon as we get any results.

Thank you.

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I also have my web designer Jeff Wright, a CS cart developer attack the problem with this result

I downloaded your app last night and was looking into it. The biggest problems I faced (Android) was that the "add-to-cart" button would jump around and when I reached 17 items in the cart, the top "loading" message spun and spun without allowing me to move forward.



We have forwarded this additional information to our engineers. We will reply in this post as soon as we get any results.

Thank you for your time and patience.


Thank you for your patience. These issues have been fixed on our side. Please check it.

Thank you.
Thank you! i just tested it and everything works great!


You are welcome. We are glad to hear that it works properly now. Thank you for keeping us informed.


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