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Execute Google Analytics javascript on each page

It appears that Twigmo is only executing the JS code for Google Analytics on the first page of the store, not on each of the products as the desktop version of our site does.

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Hello, Kevin.

Thank you for your request.

I have moved your request from the "Problems" forum to "Requests" because this is not a bug. Twigmo is developed like a light-weight one-page javascript application and it does not support the Google Analytics add-on.

If this idea gets a lot of votes, it will be implemented in one of the next Twigmo versions.

Thank you.

 I honestly can't believe Analytics is not a top priority.. Are you that disconnected from importance this has to retailer store owners?

I have to laugh. We began using Twigmo on Thursday last week. I use Google Analytics for all my web-stats, including keeping a track of takings.

Google Analytics can longer track bounce rate, pages/visit or revenue correctly.

Basically Twigmo has made Google Analytics useless to me.

Do you guys seriously not realise how important Google Analytics is to retailers???

I totally agree!
It is a shame that Twigmo doesn't have a Google Analytics add-on! Now, we have a bounce percentage of 100%!!!

I stopped using Twigmo and we are now building our own mobile solution. I paid a lot of license costs for this add-on but it really doesn't meet my requirements. The worst thing is the pagespeed!


I can´t believe what i am reading here. Google analytics not supported? Is this a joke? I was considering the twigmo solution, but now i can see how disconnected are you from reality, as bob said before. If you have "forgotten" this feature, which new features will you consider important or not important in the future?

"I can´t believe what i am reading here. Google analytics not supported? Is this a joke?" We couldn't agree more! We'll likely cancel the service for which we've just signed up for due to this professionally unacceptable mistake on Twigmo's part. We'll have to find another mobile solution that is up to date with mCommerce 2014.


Full support of Google Analytics will be implemented in the next Twigmo version which will be released in two weeks.


Analytics are indeed implemented in twigmo now, but in a very limited way, when the user is surfing the site, just the "main" part of the url is reported back to google and not the parameters that define what the user actually sees. Thus the user appears that just visited the landing page (when arriving from an external link) or the / page when she arrives by typing the url. Also I am not sure if source is being tracked and attributed when the user makes an order. Not much use of analytics can be done this way.

Is there something I am missing here?



Hello Spyros,

It is true that Google Analytics is implemented a bit differently comparing to the desktop version. This is caused by the fact that Twigmo is a single-page application and its page is loading only once. As a result, the data sent to Google Analytics may differ from the data sent by the desktop version. However, as far as we see, the source and order information are tracked correctly.

Thank you.

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