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showing white screen in twigmo

I  have upgraded my cs-cart  store from twigmo 3.2 version to 3.8 through manually in my local server.
Once i open the mobile application its showing empty page.Please help me to resolve this

And also i need to implement third party google tracking pixel code in order conformation page.How can i pass the order related information in order details page....

I tried like this,i put that java-scirpt code in mobile_index.tpl and i also modified fn_twg_get_orders_as_api_list()  function in func,php

In the above function i added the following code above the return statement

$view->assign('twg_order', $orders);

IS IT THE CORRECT WAY to pass the order related information to the order confirmation page?

If not please help me to accomplish the task

thanks in advance


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No, this method will not work. If you provide FTP access to your server via the Twigmo Support Portal we may be able to come up with the solution.

Thank you.

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